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District Organization of Volunteers and Escort (DOVE)
  History of organizationís inception:

The organization DOVE got its birth in the year 1997-98 by the headship of Sri Anil Kumar Mishra who was socially stimulated from his studentship to do something for the rural people on the concept of “Reaching to Unreached”. Looking to the distress of the people of the inaccessible villages from different dimensions, he decided to undertake some activities for the sustainable development of the people. He was directly involved observing the people and their problem from close proximity as he was born and brought up in a rural village. Initially, he started to know the activities of some NGOs to have a clear cut idea about their approach and process. After getting an idea, he tried to motivate some of the likeminded educated persons to have an organization. The group at the beginning, moved to the villages, interacted with the people and tried to get a clear impression about their basic problems. Than the organization was registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 in a very democratic process & simultaneously registered under IGR. The working spirit of the group could bring much of recognition and provided a positive encouragement to go ahead. Now the society is also   registered under FCRA and Income Tax.