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District Organization of Volunteers and Escort (DOVE)
  Vision/Mission/Our Believes/Bord Objectives

“DOVE” visualizes a free non-exploitative society where people live in peace and fraternity. It also visualizes sustainable socio-economic educational and health development of different communities as a whole.

The mission of “DOVE” is to bring the people under a common platform and ensure their participation with common philosophy and conception. This also includes playing the role of developmental catalyst to facilitate the activities from different sectors for the community as a whole bringing the active participation of other developmental agencies.
Our believes
  • DOVE has been trying to address burning issues which restricts the development of the people.
  • DOVE believes to take up activities related to the sustainable development of the people.
  • We believe on the participation of the people and put more initiative to utilise the potential available resources.
  • Integration of women at the community level in every developmental initiative.
Broad Objectives:
  • To take steps for the organization, awareness and united action of the people
  • To share, disseminate and accumulate the knowledge, resources and experiences of the people and other stakeholders.<
  • To undertake different developmental services to the people in all aspects.
  • To organize trainings, conferences and workshops as the members and target beneficiaries.
  • Others as and when required for the development of the people.