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District Organization of Volunteers and Escort (DOVE)

DOVE came out by the endeavour of a number of socially stirred youths who see a society free from ignorance and poverty. The developmental obligation of the organization is to empower the rural people with special emphasis on the rural artisans, disadvantaged section, women & child. The actions at the initial period exclusively mass awareness, formation of women SHG, Income generation activities and other activities based on pro-people approach considering the people’s need. Gradually the approach and process of programme implementation could bring a very good impact in the area which concurrently influenced to other areas. DOVE also believes that everybody should feel the secure and security of life. So the sole motto of the organization is to gather more and more information and disseminate among the people who will provide them to realize, analyze and undertake different activities for their development. The concept of the organization is to strengthen the economic base of the people by which the socio-cultural life can easily be influenced.